Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia, Beckley, West Virginia

Another trip with John Cowgill!

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


Beckley, West Virginia is a city in the south central part of the state.  It is a city that has a few great tourist sites.  One of those sites is the Youth Museum.  It is an interactive museum with changing exhibits allowing children to interact with the real world as well as entertain.  Your children will have a great time visiting the Youth Museum.


Now some of you are saying, “This is wonderful.  It is great that kids love this place.  However, I am not a kid nor do I have kids.  I want to see trains.  Therefore, there is no reason for me to visit this place.”


That is a great point.  However, there is something amazing about this museum.  What is amazing?  The museum is housed in four box cars that were once used on the railroad.  You going inside and look through each car each with an…

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    Thank you for sharing.

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